Technical University of Crete

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The Technical University of Crete was founded in 1977 in Chania and welcomed its first students in 1984. Spanning five Engineering Schools - production engineering & management, mineral resources engineering, electronic & computer engineering, environmental engineering, architectural engineering - and corresponding postgraduate and doctoral study program that cover a wide range of the engineering science, the Technical University of Crete offers an education that is of the highest standards and recognized status. The mission of the TUC is to develop modern specializations that emphasize research and high tech sectors and in close cooperation with industry and other production organizations in Greece.

Technological Educational Institute of Crete

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The Technological Educational Institute of Crete ( was established in 1983 with the aim of offering technological education to students in Greece. Since 1983, the TEI of Crete has expanded and now comprises several Schools, including the School of Management and Economics, the School of Health and Welfare Services, the School of Applied Sciences, the School of Agricultural and Food Technology and the School of Technological Applications. In total there are 15 different departments with more than 175 members of academic staff. The implementation of the project will be conducted by the Solid Waste and Wastewater Management Laboratory and the Laboratory of Ecology, of the School of Agricultural and Food Technology.

Organization for the Development of Crete S.A.

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The Organization for the Development of Crete S.A. (O.A.K. A.E.),  was founded in 2013 through the merger of OADYK (Organization for the Development of Western Crete, founded in 1979), OANAK (Organization for the Development of Eastern Crete) and the public authorities (EYDE BOAK, EYDE Aposelemi). The O.A.K. S.A. is a Governmental Organization, supervised by the Greek Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Marine and Tourism.  The Organization is based in Chania, having departments in Heraklio, Rethymno and Lasithi. The responsibilities of O.A.K. S.A. are the studding, planning, constructing & managing of:

Norwegian Institute for Water Research



The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is the Norway’s leading institute for basic and applied research on marine and freshwaters. The institute’s research comprises a wide array of environmental, climatic and resource-related fields. NIVA’s world-class expertise is multidisciplinary with a broad scientific scope. NIVA combines research, monitoring, evaluation, problem-solving and advisory services at international, national and local levels. NIVA has contributed to projects in over 70 countries including China, Sri Lanka, Chile, Venezuela, Ghana and Greece.