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The Organization for the Development of Crete S.A. (O.A.K. A.E.),  was founded in 2013 through the merger of OADYK (Organization for the Development of Western Crete, founded in 1979), OANAK (Organization for the Development of Eastern Crete) and the public authorities (EYDE BOAK, EYDE Aposelemi). The O.A.K. S.A. is a Governmental Organization, supervised by the Greek Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Marine and Tourism.  The Organization is based in Chania, having departments in Heraklio, Rethymno and Lasithi. The responsibilities of O.A.K. S.A. are the studding, planning, constructing & managing of:

The Trans- European road network of Crete. OAK SA has the responsibility of the development, maintenance and management of North (ΒΟΑΚ) and South (ΝΟΑΚ) Road Network of Crete.

The Hydraulic Infrastructures (Dams, reservoirs and water treatment plants). Three dams, with total capacity up to 50 M m3 (dam of Aposelemi in Heraklio with capacity 27.1 M m3, dam of Potamon in Rethymnon with capacity 22.5 M m3 and the dam of Valsamioti in Chania with capacity of 6 M m3), the Reservoir of Agios Georgios in Lasithi with capacity of 2.15 M m3, more than 15 small tanks with total capacity 230.000 m3 and two water treatment plants (Dramia and Heraklio) have been constructed and functioning under the supervision of the Organization.

The water supply – irrigation networks of Crete. The project of former OADYK “Integrated Water Resources Management of Western Crete” has been expanded with the water networks of Eastern Crete. The networks of OAK SA include: 430 km mains and distribution irrigation networks in Western Crete (irrigation area of 135.000 ha) and water supply network 70 km in Eastern Crete (Water supply for 264.000 residents and 125.000 hotel beds). OAK SA distributes annually 120 M m3 water, through the water network, with about 28 pump stations and many water drillings. 

the development of the countryside through projects and Community Initiatives (Leader of Western Crete, Rural Development Programs, Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) of Western Crete, Employment Programs, start – ups support etc.) with the aim to contribute to the development of the region of Crete.

The strategic planning of Ο.A.K. SA includes the development of RES projects as well as water resources management plans, costing and pricing of water services.

Ο.A.K. SA has participated in the following research and development projects:

  • "ISOTEIA" 'Integrated System for the promotion of Territorial and Environmental Impact Assessment in the frame of spatial planning'
  • STRIM - funded by the European program INTERREGG III B CADSES Measure 4.2
  • IMAGE Substainable use of water resources and rural development in drought affected areas (2005-2007)
  • INTERREGG III B Archimed Measure 3.1
  • Life Program "Protection of endangered habitats of Western Crete"
  • Energy Utilization Dam Potamon  Rethymnon, Design, Financing, Construction, Management and Operation of Hybrid Plant power in Dam Potamon, municipality of Amari in Rethymno Prefecture.
  • Program RECITE «Feasibility study for the installation of a solar thermal power station in Crete" Budget: 237.000 ECU, as a partner with FLACHGLAS SOLARTECHNIK GmbH
  • Program THERMIE «Development of Solar Thermal Plant in Crete" Budget: 2.7 MECU.